Designing Brainstorm Session #1: Bamboo

Okay, just a very short post this time. So I'm thinking about the interior design for our place and we're in the process of getting all our ducks in a row to execute our Flying Fox brewpub in March. I have a general idea of what I want it to look like - think Rubbles/Tisa's hybrid. The island motif with the clean look of bamboo.

I've always loved bamboo - it's one of the coolest plants on Earth, and I plan to feature it as the core of our pub decor. Fun fact: bamboo is a type of grass. Just a quick aside, the first time I ever saw bamboo, was when we moved to American Samoa in 1987. My cousin Shiloh said to me, "I bet you can't snap this bamboo stick in half." It was a pretty small one and I scoffed at his measly challenge. I broke it with no effort whatsoever, and raised my arms in victory. When I saw all my cousins laughing at me, I knew something was up - turns out I had fallen for a classic Pritchard family prank: the bamboo stick with one end dipped in cow poop. But I digress. Looking around the internet I found some cool samples of different bamboo bar decor. Luckily our family land has a huge bamboo patch (grove?) in the back toward the spot where my Grandparents' grave is located. Now the trick is finding someone who can turn bamboo sticks (blades? pieces?) into the cool decorative facade you see in these photos. If anyone reads this (and I'm guessing those odds are slim) and knows of someone who is good with bamboo, let me know please. The guy who designed our beer label logo, Mark Ashley Faulkner, did fantastic work with bamboo - he used it to amazing effect in his home. I wish he hadn't moved up to Ewa Beach, I'd definitely look to him to help me with my concept for the Flying Fox brewpub. Also, if you have any suggestions please feel free to send them to me, it is my mission to make Flying Fox brewpub all about the customer experience - the beer, the food, the ambiance - it's all about making the customer feel at home, and creating that neighborhood pub atmosphere. Think Cheers if it was set on Gilligan's Island instead of in Boston.

Okay, that's it for now, tune in next time when I ramble on aimlessly about exciting topics such as signage and plumbing for our brewpub. One week til Christmas, folks! Spread some island cheer in your small circle and when you're out there Christmas shopping - remember to BUY LOCAL! Support our local businesses, especially those who take the time and effort to create a locally manufactured product. Small business owners are a special breed of folks!

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