The Last Happy Hour on the Planet
At 14° South Latitude - about 2,600 miles southwest of the Hawai'ian islands - you'll find the only US possession in the Southern Hemisphere, the Territory of American Samoa. American Samoa is just east of the international date line which means it is the last place on Earth to end the day. The eastern group of the Samoan Archipelago, American Samoa is a chain of seven volcanic islands, surrounded by the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and filled with tropical rain forests. It is also home to the pe'a vao, the legendary Samoan flying fox, one of the largest flying mammals in the entire world.
The village of Pava'ia'i on the main island of Tutuila is well-known for its large population of flying foxes that live in the many caves and trees of the village.  An ancient Samoan legend tells the story of the Samoan warrior goddess, Nafanua who became stranded on a harsh, uninhabitable, remote island. Left for dead on that desert island, Nafanua was rescued by the
flying foxes - carried through the air back to her island of Savaii. The
pe'a has since become an exalted animal and a symbol of protection
for the Samoan people. 

Pava'ia'i Village is also home to the Flying Fox Brewing Company.

And as those ancient flying foxes carried the warrior goddess

Nafanua away, we make a similar promise to transport our visitors

away from the troubles of the day, to a place of good spirits and cheer.

The United States' southern- most craft beer brewery, named for

those exalted saviors of our ancestors, the Flying Fox Brewing

Company is a small, family-owned business that produces the first

and only locally brewed beer in American Samoa.


So come visit Flying Fox Brewing Company - have some beers and eat some food. We have a comfortable, neighborhood pub atmosphere. You'll feel like family whenever you visit. Experience the last planet's happy hour of the day...

Nafanua, Samoan Warrior Goddess

Who we are...


Nate & Emily

Nate & Emily Ilaoa are homebrewers who had the idea of going from brewing beer in their kitchen to opening the first brewery in American Samoa. They met while attending the University of Hawaii at Hilo and have lived in American Samoa together since 2003. 

Sandy & Nani

Nani & Sandy Ilaoa are the heart, soul (and financial) supporters of Flying Fox Brewing Company. In addition to being building's landlords, they well-known locally for being Nate's parents - a recognition which has earned certain perks, such as product testing and pub design input.